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Welcome to Sacred Spirit Candles!™

What started out as a fun hobby has quickly become a passion when even strangers started asking me to make them candles! Each candle we make is one-of-a-kind. All of the animals we use are collectors items and made of stone resin. Most come with bowls, bones, and balls. Most are burnable with caution not to burn the embed. The scents we use are very strong so burning is not necessary to enjoy the smells. For those with allergies, scentless candles can be made upon request at no extra charge!!!

We also create one-of-a-kind Goddess and & God Candles for those with a spiritual mind!

Just starting out with supplies, we do not stock alot of dogs or cats. Special orders for certain breeds are always welcome. It takes approximately 3 weeks for us to locate the embed, pour, cure and ship the item to your door.

Whether you choose a candle we have already poured and in stock or a special order, you will be delighted with your choice.

 Feel free to contact me personally, any time at :

Welcome again to Sacred Spirit Candles™ and enjoy!


E-mail me here!!!


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Our Candles are very inexpensive for the quality you'll receive. The prices range from $13.00 to $30.00 each plus shipping and Insurance. Contact us with your choice for a price quote.
*Please Note: I am not a business or company. This is a hobby and each candle is given personal care in creating!

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